The Outaouais S.P.C.A. takes charge of all animals that are in need, strays, abandoned, injured or those whose owners can no longer care for them.  These dogs and cats can then benefit from the opportunity to be reunited with their owner or adopted by a new family.

Strays are kept at the shelter in highly sanitary conditions for a period of 3 to 5 working days (or according to municipal regulations), unless the owner reclaims the animal or it is euthanized for humane reasons. Once this waiting period is over, the Outaouais S.P.C.A. takes all necessary and humane measures to ensure the animal's well-being. This includes a complete evaluation of its behaviour, its age, and general health, to determine if it can or cannot be placed for adoption.


This work is demanding on the S.P.C.A.’s health team, which must evaluate on a daily basis the capacity of the shelter and the all too often precarious health of the animals. A rigorous selection must also be made of all transit animals in our shelter with the sole objective of avoiding overpopulation and/or general contamination with certain diseases.

We sometimes have to provide veterinary care or administer medical attention to injured animals brought to us. In addition, companion animals found dead are brought to the shelter so that we can determine if the animal was reported lost by its owner.


Lastly, the Outaouais S.P.C.A. provides at a minimal cost a quarantine service for animals that have been bitten.  Although we recommend that the animal be quarantined in its home environment, some owners prefer as a safety precaution to entrust the animal to our care. All cases of animal bites must be reported by our staff to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in order to determine if rabies is present.

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