Have you lost your animal? Have you found an animal? Can you no longer keep your animal?

The Outaouais S.P.C.A offers a service for all animals lost or found.  Reports are verified daily, and owners contacted if an animal comes in matching the description provided.    Our staff has the great responsibility of matching owners with their lost pet, not an easy task!  This is why it is so important that you purchase your municipal pet licence and keep it on your animals collar at all times.  When a lost pet arrives at the shelter wearing its licence it can automatically be paired with its owner.

The OSPCA is the only shelter authorized by the municipalities to receive the regions stray animals.  It is therefore necessary that you declare your pet lost at the Outaouais S.P.C.A!

Have you lost your animal? 
It is not uncommon to have fifty or more animals arrive at our shelter each day, so it is imperative that YOU VISIT DAILY, as our contractwith the municipalities dictates that strays remain in waiting 3 working days, (5 days for those wearing a licences, micro chip or tattoos). After this waiting period the animal becomes the property of the OSPCA and we cannot guarantee the animal will be placed for adoption.  
5 things to do next






  1. Visit the shelter daily. Our staff responsible for retracing owners will do their best, but no one can identify your pet better than you can (ex.: black cat), we can get as many as ten black cats a week;
  2. Send a photo, mandatory;
  3. Walk around your neighbourhood morning and night calling out your pets name.   Advise the people that circulate around your area neighbours, mail carrier, newspaper and delivery people, etc.  Put up fliers and offer a small reward. We have noticed that some people will wait to see if there is a reward before bringing  the animal to the shelter;
  4. Be reachable at all times;
  5. Call us immediately, if you find your animal;
Send us your Lost Report by completing the online form ,make sure to (attach a recent photo) : Please fill out this form *** Please come and visit our shelter if you have lost an animal.

If your animal is at the shelter, here are the procedures to reclaim you pet:

  • You must pay the boarding fee of $20.00 per day;

  • You must pay for any vaccines administered at a cost of $7.00 per vaccine for a cat and $15.00 for vaccines for a dog, 

  • You must purchase a municipal licence, if your pet does not already have one;

  •  Have your driver’s licence or acceptable identification; 

Have you found an animal?

According to Article 935 of the Civil code any animal found must be brought to the Outaouais SPCA. The city has a contract and mandate with the OSPCA to manage the receipt of all stray animals.  The animal found must therefore be surrendered to the mandated authority.


Main Office :     132, Varennes Street, Gatineau


You can also notify us of strays by contacting us at 819-243-2004 extension 0, for all sectors the OSPCA services. You can refer to our Emergency, section to verify who to contact and when.

Outside our regular patrolling hours you can communicate directly with your local Sûreté municipale to report any animal in distress or eminent danger.    They will contact our OSPCA emergency services which are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

You wish to offer a second chance to the animal you have found and can give the animal the love and comfort of a good home.  When you drop off the animal inform our reception staff of your interest, they will be happy to explain the process to foster or adopt. 



Sometimes in life the inevitable happens and it becomes difficult if not impossible to keep our companion animal (ex: separation, death, move, loss of employment, etc).  The OSPCA works hard to help owners faced with this difficult situation make the best decisions.   However you must first make every effort to find it a home as no one knows your animal better than you do.  The shelter is not the ideal place for an animal who has known the comforts of a loving home: the noise, odours, barking, personnel, can be distressing, so consider this your last resort rather than first option.  As well the OSPCA receives over 9000 animals a year, and cannot guarantee that your animal will be placed for adoption.

If you are surrendering your animal because of behavioral issues, such as a lack of cleanliness, barking, anxiety, etc. we would be happy to assist and advise you or refer you to a specialist who can help you correct these problems and avoid surrender. 

For all other reasons here are a few options you can explore before deciding on surrender to the OSPCA.

  • Place an add on a site like: kijiji, cavendre, etc.;

  • Announce your decision to find your animal a new home on your social medias;

  • Post adds at your work place, school, neighbourhood, etc;

  • Ask friends and family. Nothing is better than mouth to ear.


If all your efforts have failed, you can then consider bringing your animal to the shelter.  Here is what we will require:

  • The animals health file;

  • Proof of sterilization if altered;

  • A completed Life Habits form, giving us as much information and details on your animal as possible.  Our staff will be better equipped to perform its evaluation;

  • Pay a $30.00boarding fee to the shelter.

  • Pay any additional costs if there is more than one animal or mother and puppies/kittens.

If you have any further questions please contact us at : perdutrouve@spca-outaouais.org
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