Humane traps

Humanecages and traps are available to residents facing problems with intruding wild life. We at the Outaouais S.P.C.A. feel that with a bit of tolerance and prevention, humans can cohabitate in harmony with these little mammals, who bring a bit of nature into our urban lives.

The species of small animal most widespread in our cities are raccoons, skunks, squirrels and groundhogs.  It is important to realize that these animals are protected under the conservation law and it is prohibited  to remove or destroy them!  You must first exhaust all other options to force them out or stop their destructive behavior. Therefore, the systematic removal of small fauna is not recommend by the Outaouais S.P.C.A.

Fees :   

A $61,50 dollar deposit is required; $50.00 will be reimbursed to you if the cage is returned in good condition. This rental fee is for a period of 7 calendar days with a late fee of $2.00 per day for every day beyond the rental agreement.

*** During our busy period (April to October), your request may be placed on a waiting list.

If you are unable to relocate the animal caught in the trap, the Outaouais S.P.C.A. can do it for you for a minimal fee;

        $100.00 for skunks

        $35.00 for a groundhog or raccoon

        Please be advised that our patrollers are not available evenings or weekends to pick up and relocate animals, so please keep the cage closed during these times. 


Recommendations for dealing with small animals

Capturing adults in the spring or summer can often have devastating consequences for the little ones who are still too young to fend for themselves. If you have no choice and have to use a cage, make sure the young animals are old enough to survive on their own. If you are unsure, please contact the Outaouais  S.P.C.A. and consult one of our personnel. 

For those who find these animals a nuisance, here are a few helpful hints on how to avoid future problems. Remove all attractions such as food and shelter.  Be sure to store your garbage in hermetically sealed cans and store these in your shed or garage.

Leaving an outside light on is also a good deterrent for nocturnal creatures as they prefer the dark. Spread some of your dog's fur in tempting areas, since animals won’t build nests if they're frightened away by the scent of another animal.

You should also consider installing wire fencing along your sheds or porches. Digging a small trench and installing the fencing 6 inches into the ground will make it impossible for animals to get underneath and set up their home, so they will move on to another location. 

As for your house, make sure your chimney and air vents are covered in mesh to prevent squirrels or raccoons from setting up nests.

Last but not least, we have to remember that these animals were here before us and that we are invading their territory.  It is humans who have cut down forests and cultivated entire areas to build cities and roads, each time destroying habitats and pushing several species of fauna to their very limit.

Training Cages

Some people like to use a cage or crate to train their puppy or dog. If you would like to rent one, you can do so from the OSPCA.


               $20.00/a month

A $150.00 deposit is required which is reimbursed upon the return of the cage in good condition.


***Please note that we only have a few training cages available..
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