Individual Cremation 

For the majority of us our domestic animals are our loyal companions and equal members of our family.  Grieving an animal can be as difficult and painful as the loss of a cherished person who may have passed through or impacted our lives.  The loss of a pet is hard to live through and accept and can bring on a period of intense sadness.   It is therefore natural to want to dispose of our animals remains with the outmost respect, and keep an immortal souvenir.  During this difficult time the Outaouais S.P.C.A. offers individual cremation services, where your animal will be cremated with respect and in an ecological way.  A cremation certificate authenticating the sole and unique cremains of your animal will be provided to you. 

* Please note that we do not offer euthanasia services at the shelter

For more information, please contact at :
oor at 819-243-2004 ext. 30

Here is our price chart: 

0 to 5 lbs. (2kg) 100.00$

6 to 15 lbs. (2 to 6 kg) 150.00$

16 to 30 lbs. (6 to 15 kg)175.00$

31 to 50 lbs. (15 to 22 kg) 200.00$

51 to 90 lbs. (22 to 40 kg) 250.00$

90 lbs. and up (40 kg and up) 300.00$


The basic urn is made of MDF and is burgundy colored.

** We also have other urns to choose from at a slightly higher cost.

Other options such as engraving, picture frames, silhouette and bands can also be added at a cost of $20.00 to $30.00 dollars.


** Our wooden urns are fabricated locally by people with mental handicaps, under the supervision of the specialists of the organization « Souvenirs.

For more information, please contact at :
oor at 819-243-2004 ext. 30
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