Adoption Protocol

November 24, 2016

Adoption Protocol 

When an animal is placed for adoption and many people are interested in adopting it, the families will have to come to the shelter at 10 AM the day that the animal is ready for adoption. We will proceed as follows :

  •     Everyone who arrives at 10 AM will have a consultation with a member of our staff.
  •     If the consultation turns out to be positive for a couple of families, their names will be put in for a draw.

If none of the consultation are positive, we can move on to the next person who will show up to adopt the animal.

  • When are the consultations are completed, the draw will take place and the winning family will be able to complete the adoption process.

We understand that the adoption of an animal is an emotive and important affair for families, with this protocol, we feel that the process is fair for everyone.


Thank you for your understanding !

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