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The Outaouais S.P.C.A. has been operating its own grooming salon for more than three years now.  Animals are always welcome in our quaint little salon designed with their comfort in mind.


The Outaouais S.P.C.A. spa is also one of the rare places where cats are groomed as well.


To book an appointment, please call 819-243-2004 extension 61. Open 5 days a week.

Monday to friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.



- All prices are subject to changes depending on the job that has to be done. Some factors need to be evaluated: texture of hair, height and weight of the dog, skin problem, disentangling labor if necessary, presence of parasites, etc.

- The groomer will give you a final price when she has seen/been in contact with your pet.

- No fixed price will be given over the phone without a proper evaluation.

- If you are late to your appointment, we cannot guarantee that your animal will be ready to go at the time originaly agreed upon. 


The following price table is for information purposes only.

Description Bath Bath and grooming

Puppy Service

Dogs 8 weeks to 5 months

It includes desensibilization grooming for puppy.
25.00$ 50.00$

Small Dog 1-20 lbs.

Such as Shih-Tzu, Lhasa, Bichon, Pekinois, Cavalier, Westie

York, Pom, etc.
35.00$ 35$-50.00$

Medium Dog 21-50 lbs.

Such as Cocker, Shetland, Corgi, Fox, Border
50.00$ 50$-75.00$

Large Dog 51-75 lbs.

Such as Labrador, Golden, Husky, Wheaten, Airdale, ChowChow
65.00$ 65$-90.00$

Dog "Giant Breed" 80 lbs. and up

Such as St-Bernard, Bewrneses Mountain Dog, 

Newfoundlander, etc
90.00$ 90$-125.00$
Cat Not available 45.00$


*All our prices include nail clipping and ear cleaning. 


Nail clipping

You have to call 24 hours before coming at the salon: 819-243-2004 ext.61.

$5.00 for cats, puppies and small size dogs

$7.00 for medium dogs

$10.00 for large dogs

15$ for 2 Soft Paws application 
25$ for 4 Soft Paws application 



Other services

*An additional fee of 15$ by 30 minutes of work may be required if your cat or dog's fur is very matted.

**If your animal suffers from sensitive skin, we also offer a medicated shampoo at an additional cost of $5.00.

***Dogs or cats coming in for grooming and have parasites: Surcharge of 15$

***Our groomer also bathes animals that have been sprayed by a skunk. A fee of $100.00 is charged for this service.

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